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Thank you! 7/11/2014 2:34:02 PM

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the 2014 Sharing Dance Day fundraising initiative!! Together with the charity partners, nearly $20,000 was raised!!

One Love Aye Aye makes its way to Alberta! 5/20/2014 9:47:16 AM

Ballet teacher Katrina Dumo brought the One Love Aye Aye routine to Across the Floor Dance Studio in Grand Prairie, Alberta. She tells us about their experience!

Teacher's Corner

Desk Dance Routine

The Desk Dance is meant for anyone who has been sitting at their desk for too long! It can be used as a warm-up, for daily physical activity, or as a way of invigorating students between subjects.

Official 2014 Sharing Dance Day video

Check out the official 2014 Sharing Dance Day video featuring the big performance of One Love Aye Aye.

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